Wacky Warriors Paintball

Is it safe?

Wacky Warriors name is synonymous with safety, safety is our #1 concern. Since having been in business since 1983 we have a fantastic safety record, and listed below are some interesting facts and figures on how safe Wacky Warriors actually is. All referees are trained in the latest safety techniques. Your ref will help keep you safe the entire time you are at our facilites. Every time you come to our fields, you will be required to listen to the rules about masks, barrel plugs and marker safety. When you listen to our referees and follow the rules you will be in safe hands. Dress properly with sturdy footwear and keep your goggles on when instructed and you will be safe.

When played properly at an organized paintball field, Wacky Warriors is very safe. Most paintball injuries occur at someones house in the "backyard paintball" games.

The following statistics comparing various sports.

Injury is defined as one, which results in some degree of permanent impairment, or renders the injured person unable to effectively perform his regular duties or activities for at least one full day beyond the day of the injury.

Source: National Safety Council

Playing Paint Ball


Playing Paint Ball

Sport Name
YEARLY Injuries
per 1000 participants
Wacky Warriors 0.31
Archery 0.50
Boating 0.66
Tennis 1.09
Golf 1.13
Swimming 1.30
Fishing 1.37
Water Skiing 1.90
Hockey 12.46
Basketball 22.04
Rugby 23.14
Wrestling 27.37
Football 27.50
Sport Name
YEARLY Injuries
per 1000 participants
Handball 2.42
Raquetball 2.51
Ice Skating 2.79
Snowmobiling 2.86
Snow Skiing 3.44
Volleyball 4.43
Gymnastics 7.13
Soccer 10.54
Bicycle Riding 11.30
Boxing 11.34
Baseball 27.67
Lacrosse 223.79